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If you can suggest a better category then, please. Do so. I really wasn't sure where to put this at all.


Something a little different =)

This came about while I was searching DA for some stock reference for an anime pic I was working on. I came across this image by :iconrammkitty-stock: and decided to have a little fun with it.

I'm not sure what my motivation was. Perhaps it was the 1 cup of coffee, and 5 cups of tea I had today (its 4am and I'm no where near tired) or maybe it was the fact that I got a message from my old art teacher saying the following: "HELLO! On behalf of BHSVA Career Club, I would like to invite you to submit a digital image or artwork for our first alumni art exhibition - March 16 to March 31.The purpose of this show is to help educate our current students and parents about all the great college opportunities available. Please write a short statement about your piece and your college experience."

Now. I may be interpreting her message completely the wrong way and looking too much into it (to those who know me personally and got the same message) I do that a lot. If I am, pay me no mind. But, when I first got the message, it was almost like she was talking to those who actually attend an Art College. They would have more progress to show right? Rather than someone, like me, who goes to a Community College and who's school's art programs suck major booty T_T Not to mention I haven't had a chance to take any form of Art (aside from Art History) because art classes are considered Electives (or as I like to say "privilege" classes) Ugh.

Anyway. I felt...left out, to put it simply. A lot of people I graduated with go to these prestigious Art Colleges and, looking at there work, they've improved a hell of a lot. I'm proud of them all. When I started applying to colleges I think Carol (my art teacher) was a little disappointed in me that I choose not to go to art college. Frankly, I had enough of it. I was tired of all the constant drawing and painting and I was mostly fed up with it never being good enough for her. No matter what I did, there was always something wrong with my work. Always. And it's very discouraging to hear nothing but negative feedback on a painting you spent weeks on. Some people learn from it. I do too. But, she ave way too much of it for my liking and to take it to heart and apply it to better my paintings or what have you.

Why am I telling you all this? I don't know. Anyway. Back to the picture...

I enjoyed working on this a lot and I do intend on e-mailing it to Carol. I really shouldn't care about sending it into the art show. I've submitted work to art shows in the past that I really wasn't all too proud of. Every time I looked around, I always saw something better than what I did and again, that also, is very discouraging. I never like any of my work (non anime related) I cant realistically draw people for the life of me, or animals. That's where Carol and I mostly bumped heads. I do ok with still life's Nothin to call the local paper about.

I'll submit it regardless. I don't care if she doesn't like it. I've given up with trying to please her...anyone for that matter because I can never seem too anyway.

Anyway. I hope you like it. This took me maybe...7 hours. I don't like all that blank white space on the left. I couldn't think of anything to put there that wouldn't take away from the actual image.

....Selfish as this may sound, I'm secretly hoping this might land me a day.

Hey. A girl can dream ;>> I'd be nice.

Also, I think I over-did it in some parts....

You tell me. As long as your constructive in your critique I wont have a problem.

Anyway. Enjoy :heart:
Stock Image © :iconrammkitty-stock: ([link])
Brushes © :devred-headstock: / *rammkitty-stock / ~KopaBill-Stock / ~GKgfx / ~erichilemex / Other Brushes © Brusheezy ( [link] )

Font© 1001fonts ([link] )

(If you see your brushes here and I forgot to name you just comment back and I'll add your name. )
I claim to own the art concept itself. I do not claim to own the brushes or stock image. All contents not belonging to me were used with permission. Thank you.
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DonnyEM Featured By Owner May 27, 2009   Photographer
Okay, Whoa! This is just... i can't find a better word then MIND BLOWING! :bounce: :matrixfight: :pacman: :w00t:

NyNeko Featured By Owner May 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :aww:
KopaBill-Stock Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
really nice!
thank you for using my brushes ^^
NyNeko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The-God-Smiley Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009  Student General Artist
this is really cool, there isn't too much I would change about it. if anything I would just say to move the lettering to the left so that the R doesn't get cut off. It might look good if overlaps with her actually because it might look more involved in the pic. I hoe it gets into the show though. When I got the email I was gonna put sometihng in but im not going to. Just because she's always loved my stuff but for all the wrong reasons I feel, like I would draw a pencil and she'd be like "that's a nice pen" then if say its pencil shes like ok and walks away then randomly comes back later like "im sorry if i hurt your feelings about the pen" T_T I'm like uh what? but yeah shes a cool person she just has weird things she says occasionally. I don't think your the only one that got tired of impressing her though. I talk to alot of the people that went to parsons with me and the pretty much have the same idea you do about her.
NyNeko Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol well I'm glad I'm not the only one really x_x Seems someone was always like "Omg you over react, Carols so cool!" I was like. Ok..? >> Yeah T-T. She never apologized for hurting my feelings...though I dont think she even really noticed x_x

Btw, I know you said you were comin over Saturday but I totally forgot and told my aunt I'd go with her to this art show with Nicky. Nicky already got accepted into BHSVA you know =) Least that's what my aunt said. Hopefully she's right. Nicky loves to draw and I think with the right training and practice he can get a lot better. But um, come to the art show with us. When she gives me more details and stuff I'll let you know.
The-God-Smiley Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009  Student General Artist
yeah i know what you mean. Its not that shes ever hurt my feelings though she just always assumes she did then she keeps saying that she did and sometimes i want to just yell like OMG I DON'T CARE ya know but I try to be patient lol.

WTF Nicky is applying to hs? how old is he exactly? I thought he was like in 7th at most lol ^^; that's cool I hope he did get in.

K just let me know at what time you want me be there.
NyNeko Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I think it's more like he's guaranteed a place or somethin. I dont know all the details. =/
The-God-Smiley Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009  Student General Artist
ah kk
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